Book review

Songs from a Window: End-of-life stories from the Music Therapy Room by Bob Heath

“Everyone I’ve met has an amazing back story and that’s because we all do”

Bob Heath has written a beautiful book, about ordinary, amazing people coming to terms with their mortality through musical therapy. Each and every case study is deeply moving.

The theme of the book is Bob’s work, within the hospice movement, to help people to die well, and to help each one to “live” until they die. It is not a sad book, but a book full of insight, understanding and hope.

Bob works and writes with empathy and kindness. He charts his journey through his training, and his growing understanding of his role, acknowledging that he was learning as much from each person he worked with as they were from him.

Each person affected him deeply in their own individual way. Many lovely songs were written. He tells us about the foundation of the Souls and Shadows Foundation, which has provided support, training and equipment for musical therapy to hospices throughout Britain and Europe. Long may this valuable work continue, to bring peace of mind to people grappling with the knowledge that their lives will soon come to an end and to comfort their families and friends.

Session recordings and live concert recordings of many of the songs mentioned in the book are available on

By helenstephensonauthor

Author of SIDNEY DELICIOUS: the memoir of a Spanish rescue dog

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