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Never Pack an Ice-Axe: Tales From a Travel Writer’s Life by Jules Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great title! I happily went along with our chatty guide, Jules, dropping in on random places all over the world. I enjoyed the fact that he had “never found a place yet that doesn’t have something to recommend it.” He writes of many places I am unlikely ever to visit, plus some which I do know. No spoilers but, yes, I remember, the museums in Hull were excellent!
I laughed as I recalled my own experiences learning to dive, his account rang so true, except for the location (a first open-water dive under the remains of Herne Bay pier for me!)
It is great to travel with someone who sees the funny side of almost everything, especially the absurd situations which travellers get themselves into. I also enjoyed his musings on origins, and the value of “a place to call home”.
A thoughtful and fun read.

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By helenstephensonauthor

Author of SIDNEY DELICIOUS: the memoir of a Spanish rescue dog

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