Who wrote the book?

After dividing their time between the UK, Spain and Australia, working and visiting family and friends, Helen and Joe eventually decided to settle in Spain when they officially retired. Their home is off grid, one kilometer from the nearest village and they are the lucky owners of six old olive trees and quite a few almond trees.

Sid joined them shortly after they arrived and Helen’s book, SIDNEY DELICIOUS, describes the life of a runaway dog who found a new home with them. Sid describes his life in rural Andalucia and introduces us to his new family as he goes along.

Helen always said she would love to write a book, but only when she had something to say. It turned out that it was Sid who had lots to say, so this is his book, recording happy memories of his long and eventful life.

Helen says, “One of the lovely things about moving to Spain was that, when you met someone, their first question was not ‘What do you do?’ but ‘How are you getting on, and can I help?’ It was an adventure which we were sharing with our neighbours, bringing life back to the abandoned houses and depopulated villages and we were made very welcome.”

Universal link on Amazon: https://bit.ly/3ujI2L9

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