The memoir of a Spanish rescue dog

Plum,Courgette and Green Bean Tart by Lisa Rose Wright

Book review

Songs from a Window: End-of-life stories from the Music Therapy Room by Bob Heath “Everyone I’ve met has an amazing back story and that’s because we all do” Bob Heath has written a beautiful book, about ordinary, amazing people coming to terms with their mortality through musical therapy. Each and every case study is deeply… Continue reading Book review

Book review

Faring Forth Again on the Shoe: More tales of Barging through Belgium to France by Valerie Poore My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is a beautiful account of faring on a characterful canal boat through the Belgian and French canals, with lovely descriptions of the countryside, the towns, and the remnants of industry encountered… Continue reading Book review

Available now on Amazon!

I am very excited to reveal that Sidney Delicious is now published! Many thanks to Nicky Taylor Editorial, and Victoria Twead, Ant Press, who have encouraged me so much and worked with me to make this possible. Print-on-demand production of the paperback should be available in the UK, Europe, the USA, and Australia. The e-book… Continue reading Available now on Amazon!

Book review

Plum, Courgette & Green Bean Tart: A year to write home about – Seeking la vida dulce in Galicia by Lisa Rose Wright My rating: 5 of 5 stars Lisa’s book takes us through the first full year of her adventure in Galicia, where she and her partner, S, have bought their new home, A… Continue reading Book review

Meet our hero

Perhaps it is time to introduce you to our hero. Sid rarely sat still, so we have many blurred photos of him. You will know what I mean if you have ever taken photos of your dog. Many show just a disappearing tail, or a wet nose approaching at speed … But here is one… Continue reading Meet our hero

Coming soon!

Here we are, a new project and a new blog! We are working on the final stages of publishing my new book: Sidney Delicious, a Spanish rescue dog. Here I will be adding background, photographs and extra snippets about our hero Sid. Watch this space!

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