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Some recent super reviews of Sidney Delicious on Goodreads

Cain Quillman rated it 5 stars

Such a charming story about the most memorable of dogs.

I’ve never read a book from the pov of an animal before but I’ll certainly do it again thanks to this little treat.

I was taken for a walk, past poisonous frogs, mad cats, goats and more, by Sidney, an adorable dog who has pawed his way into my heart.
Some of the dry humour was absolutely on point. At times I forgot I was in the head space of a dog, and that’s all credit to the very talented Helen Stephenson.
This is a wonderful read and it tugs at the heartstrings like a dog pulling on a lead.

I highly recommend Sidney Delicious and his fabulous, and at times dangerous journey.

Chris rated it 5 stars

This is the story of a rescue dog, written by the dog. What a wonderful idea for a memoir! Sidney left his comfortable home when still a puppy. He wanted a life of adventure, but as winter struck, it wasn’t so much fun. Even in Spain the winters get cold. Luckily for Sidney he was picked up and adopted by Helen and her husband Joe. Although he settles down well, he’s still an adventurer at heart, and this fun book is full of his scrapes. From swimming to snakes, and snacks to rats, every chapter is a delight. It’s also the story of Helen and Joe and their new life in Spain. Any dog lover will enjoy the story of Sidney Delicious, I’m sure. And if you’re not a dog lover, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Sidney well before the end of this charming book. (less)

a m Butlin rated it 4 stars  

The Spanish ‘Campo’ is home to many unfortunate and unloved dogs but the hero of this story was fortunate to be plucked from an uncertain fate to live a joyful life as part of an English family ‘living the dream ‘. A colourful character to say the least, the book is a joy to read as Sid’s memoir (as dictated to the author) recalls. Evokes perfectly the local atmosphere and the joyous and harmonious relationship that can exist between dog and human when a little love and respect is present. Lovely read. 

Toni rated it 5 stars

Sidney Delicious is not the first novel I have read from a dog’s perspective, but it is one of the best. I really loved Sid! His tales of life in the Los Olivos Campo in Spain are wonderful. His descriptions of the hills, the almond trees and the countryside made me feel like I was right there with him. Sid’s love for Helen and Joe and theirs for Sid was beautifully portrayed. I loved learning about that part of our world through Sid’s eyes. I would gladly have fed him his favorite Chorizo sausage! Everything about this story says Love!! I highly recommend this book!!

Arlys Veen rated it 5 stars

This memoir was written through the eyes of a feisty dog named Sidney Delicious. He fled his first home to explore and ended up with Helen and Joe in Spain. I can’t tell you the scraps he got into but it makes for a good read!!

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